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  1. › wiki › Yuji_HoriiYuji Horii - Wikipedia

    Yuji Horii (堀井 雄二, Horii Yūji) (also written as Yuuji Horii; born January 6, 1954) is a Japanese video game designer and scenario writer best known as the creator of the Dragon Quest series of role-playing games, supervising and writing the scenario for Chrono Trigger, as well as one of the first visual novel adventure games Portopia Serial Murder Case.

    • Video game designer, writer, author
    • 1982–present
  2. Yuji Horii (jap. 堀井 雄二, Horii Yūji; * 6. Januar 1954 in Sumoto, Präfektur Hyōgo) ist ein japanischer Videospieleentwickler und Schöpfer der Dragon-Quest-Reihe. Yuji Horii gewann 1982 den Game Program Contest, welcher von Enix ausgerufen wurde, um die Programme der siegreichen „Hobby-Coder“ zu vermarkten.

  3. › de › Yūji_HoriiYūji Horii - Wikiwand

    Yuji Horii(jap. 堀井 雄二, Horii Yūji; * 6. Januar1954in Sumoto, Präfektur Hyōgo) ist ein japanischerVideospieleentwickler und Schöpfer der Dragon-Quest-Reihe. Yuji Horii gewann 1982 den Game Program Contest, welcher von Enixausgerufen wurde, um die Programme der siegreichen „Hobby-Coder“ zu vermarkten[1]. So kam Yuji Horii zu Enix(heute: Square Enix).

  4. Horii fue el supervisor del juego para Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger tenía múltiples finales, y en uno de ellos aparece Horii junto al resto del personal. Actualmente, Horii dirige su propia compañía de producción, Armor Project , que tiene un contrato exclusivo con Square Enix, [ 1 ] originalmente establecido con Enix antes de que se fusionara con Square .

    • Biography
    • Approach to Design Philosophy
    • Horii's Views on The Series
    • Other Works
    • Trivia
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    Early Life

    Yūji Horii was born to a family of glass artisans in Sumoto city of the Hyogo prefecture, helping in the family store during Summer. When he was young he alternated between wanting to be a manga-ka (cartoonist) or a lawyer, deciding by high school that manga was more practical than legal affairs. Horii's dedication to this career path was so great that, in his own words, he traveled to Tokyo during his third year and "barged into the office of Go Nagai and requested to be made his assistant"....

    Post-graduation Career

    In early 1981 Horii read an article in one of the magazines he wrote for that detailed the then-upcoming rise of microcomputer systems and how they were expected to affect the daily life of the common individual. Having considered himself to be competent at mathematics and not being intimidated by the user-unfriendly campus computer at Waseda, Horii opted to purchase a model for himself. After reaching the limits of the built-in word processing program Horii began to explore the capabilities...

    The Road to Dragon Quest

    In 1983, Enix sent Horii and Nakamura to Applefest; a trade show hosted by Apple computers in San Fransisco that allowed attendees so sample new business software, computer architecture, and computer games being developed. It was here that Horii encountered his first RPG--Wizardry. Having never encountered a game of this kind before, where success depended on strategy and thorough planning rather than quick reflexes, Horii became so enamored with the seemingly endless mysteries of the game th...

    Cohesive, condensed conveyance of information is the cornerstone of Horii's design philosophy, a result of his experiences as an amateur manga artist. The difficulty in balancing the amount of information being presented to a reader with the limited amount of page space available was greatly influential to the man, and Horii found his experiences w...

    Favorite games: III (gameplay) and V(story narrative).
    Most profound moments in the series: Marriage and Gold Orb exchange in V, Chapter 5 opening in IV, being king for a day in Romaria in III, searching for the lost luminaries in II.
    Favorite characters: Pankraz, Bianca, Maya, Alena.
    Favorite monsters: Slime and Barbatos.

    Horii wrote the scenario and served as supervisor for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom in Japan) game, Chrono Trigger. Chrono Triggerhad multiple game endings and Horii himself appeared in one of the endings alongside the game development staff. He is on the selection committee for the annual Super Dash Novel Rookie of the Yea...

    Horii describes himself as a mischievous man, and finds that shocking and surprising players to be one of the most rewarding parts of his career as a game designer.
    Though admittedly his skills have deteriorated since his college days, Horii draws a Slimeas part of his signature when signing autographs.
    On July 15th, 2017, a bronze statue depicting a slime, alongside the sword and shield of Erdrick, was built in Sumoto city of Hyogo prefecture to celebrate Horii as one of the city's finest sons.
    In Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, an infamous king slime is named Hori, presumably after Yūji Horii.
  5. 4. Juli 2021 · Yuji Horii ( 堀 井 雄 二, Horii Yūji) (auch geschrieben als Yuuji Horii ; geboren am 6. Januar 1954) ist ein japanischer Videospieldesigner und Drehbuchautor, der am besten als Schöpfer der Dragon Quest- Reihe von Rollenspielen bekannt ist , die überwacht und geschrieben werden das Szenario für Chrono Trigger sowie das erste visuelle Abenteuerspiel Portopia Serial Murder Case .

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