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  1. RCA Records, das Pop-, Rock-und Country-Musik vertreibt. RCA Victor, das unter anderem Broadway-Musicals, Blues, Jazz und Soul veröffentlicht. Red Seal, das sich der Klassik widmet. Geschichte. Die Firma entstand am 4. Januar 1929, als die Radio Corporation of America die Victor Talking Machine Company kaufte. Das Label hieß nun RCA-Victor.

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    Around 1935, RCA began marketing the modernistic RCA Victor M Special, a polished aluminum portable record player designed by John Vassos that has become an icon of 1930s American industrial design. In 1949, RCA Victor released the first 45 rpm "single" records, as a response to Columbia Records successful introduction of its ...

  3. Camden, New Jersey. The Victor Talking Machine Company was an American recording company and phonograph manufacturer, incorporated in 1901. Victor was an independent enterprise until 1929 when it was purchased by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and became the RCA Victor Division of the Radio Corporation of America until late ...

    • 1901; 122 years ago
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    RCA Victor operated this studio venue from 1953 to 1968. In September 1954, RCA Victor introduced "Gruve-Gard" where the center and edge of a record are thicker than the playing area, reducing scuff marks during handling and when stacked on a turntable with an automatic record changer. Most competitors quickly adopted the raised ...

    • January 9, 1900; 123 years ago (as Consolidated Talking Machine Company)
    • Sony Music Entertainment (International), RCA Label Group (UK), Legacy Recordings (reissues)
  5. In the company's early years, Victor issued recordings on 7” Victor labeled records, 10” Monarch labeled records, and 12” De Luxe labeled records. In 1929, Victor merged with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and became RCA Victor, the dominant recording company in America for over six decades.

  6. The RCA Victor brand was introduced in 1945 in advertising and 1946 on actual record labels, where it replaced the Victor and Bluebird (3) brands. Until then, on records, the RCA Victor division of the Radio Corporation of America only used the Victor brand, which was acquired in the Victor Talking Machine Co. takeover in 1929.

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    Nipper (1884 – September 1895), also known as the RCA Victor dog, was a dog from Bristol, England. Bred as a terrier mix, he served as the model for a 1898 painting by British painter Francis Barraud titled His Master's Voice.