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    Snuff (country rock band), US band active in the early 1980s "Snuff" (song), a song by Slipknot "Snuff", a song by Slayer from World Painted Blood; Snuff Garrett (born 1938), American record producer; Other. Snuff, a 1976 splatter film; Snuff (wrestler) "Snuff" , an episode of the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; See also

  2. The following is an incomplete list of tobacco products. Tobacco is the agricultural product of the leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana.All species of Nicotiana contain the addictive drug nicotine—a stimulant and sedative contained in all parts of the plants except the seeds—which occurs in varying amounts depending on the species and variety cultivated.

  3. The revisionist Western (also called the anti-Western, sometimes revisionist antiwestern) is a sub-genre of the Western film. Designated a post-classical variation of the traditional Western, the revisionist subverts the myth and romance of the traditional by means of character development and realism to present a less simplistic view of life in the "Old West".

  4. 02.08.2017 · snuff movie: snuff movie (English) Noun snuff movie (pl. snuff movies) Alternative name of snuff film. snuff films : snuff films (English) Noun snuff films Plural of snuff film . transploitation: where a sexy bad guy is killed 42 ways to Sunday, this cheesy, way beyond camp "transploitation" snuff film has a truckload of chills and giggles ....