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    A college town or university town is a community (often a separate town or city, but in some cases a town/city neighborhood or a district) that is dominated by its university population.

  2. State College is a home rule municipality in Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is a college town, dominated economically, culturally, and demographically by the presence of the University Park campus of The Pennsylvania State University .

  3. A college town or university town is a place (often a town or city) that has a college or university that is an important part of that place. The university may be a very big part of the place's economy and culture, and there may be a lot of students living there.

  4. This is a list of college towns, residential areas (towns, districts, etc.) that are socioeconomically dominated by a college or university, sorted by continent.

  5. 14. Nov. 2017 · Learn about the characteristics and attractions of 20 college towns across the country, from small towns dominated by one or more universities to larger cities with diverse cultural scenes. Find out which towns are home to top schools, sports teams, arts venues, and more.

    • Eileen Cody
  6. The American college town is a unique type of urban place, shaped by the sometimes conflicting forces of youth, intellect, and idealism, that has been an important but overlooked element of American life.

  7. 23. Aug. 2019 · A road trip across the Midwest explores the role of college in different communities. Learn the difference between a college town and a town with colleges, and the challenges and opportunities they face.