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  1. Joseph Henry „T BoneBurnett ist ein US-amerikanischer Rocksänger, Gitarrist und Musikproduzent.

  2. Joseph Henry "T Bone" Burnett III (born January 14, 1948) is an American recording artist, record producer, guitarist, and songwriter. He was a guitarist in Bob Dylan's band during the 1970s. Burnett has received multiple Grammy awards for his work in film music, including for O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  3. Burnett says he realized that for many years, when he worked on his own solo albums as a singer-songwriter — in between acclaimed stints of coaxing the best work out of a wildly diverse set of artists as a producer or curating ideal soundtracks for an equally disparate group of films and series —he had been “tough” on listeners.

  4. T Bone Burnett production discography. T Bone Burnett has won Grammy Awards for his work on the albums O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), Down from the Mountain (2001), A Wonderful World (2002), Cold Mountain (2004), Walk the Line (2006), Crazy Heart (2010), Raising Sand (2007), and One Kind Favor (2008). He won the Grammy Award for ...

  5. Joseph Henry „T BoneBurnett (* 14. Januar 1948 in St. Louis) ist ein US-amerikanischer Rocksänger, Gitarrist und Musikproduzent.

  6. Joseph Burnett, dit T-Bone Burnett, est un producteur et musicien américain, né le 14 janvier 1948 à Saint-Louis au Missouri. Il commence sa carrière musicale à Los Angeles en 1972. Il joue notamment pour Bob Dylan, participant à la Rolling Thunder Revue (1975-1976), et avec Alpha jusqu'en 1979.

  7. T-BONE BURNETT - Markthalle Hamburg 09.12.1983. Musicians: T-Bone Burnett - voc,g. Richard Thiompson - g. Band unknown. Setlist: 01 My Life And The Woman Who Lived It (4'23'') 02 Interviews (4'00'') 03 Fatally Beautiful (4'17'')