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  1. Alliance 90/The Greens is a founding member of the European Green Party and the Greens–European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament. It is currently the largest party in the G/EFA group, with 21 MEPs. In the 2019 European election

    • Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 1, 10115 Berlin
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    Alliance 90 ( German: Bündnis 90) was a political alliance of three non-communist political groups in East Germany. It was formed in February 1990 by the New Forum, Democracy Now and the Initiative for Peace and Human Rights. It received 2.9% of the vote in the 1990 Volkskammer elections.

    • 7 February 1990
    • History
    • Programme
    • Prominent Green Politicians

    Early years

    In the 1970s, there were a lot of protests against nuclear powerin Germany. The protesters had no support in the political parties in Germany so they got the idea to create their own party. This Party was founded under the Name "Die Grünen" in Karlsruheon 13 January 1980. Since their aims were for civil rights and ecology, a lot of former Anti Vietnam War protesters joined the party. The Greens were pacifists and strictly against nuclear weapons. They wanted to reach a de-militarized Europe....


    First chiefs of the party were Herbert Gruhl and Petra Kelly. Its current co-leaders are Ricarda Lang and Omid Nouripour, who were elected as the party's co-leaders in January 2022.


    In the old GDR, a Green party was founded in 1989 and joined to the Western Greens in 1990. In 1993 the Bündnis 90 - a civil rights movement from the former GDR - and Die Grünen joined them. In 1998 they joined the federal government under Gerhard Schröder together with the Social Democrats.

    Alliance '90/The Greens support green politics. One of their main issues is saving the earth - especially the climate - without using nuclear power. Another issue raised by the party is the integration and the chances of immigrants in Germany. In the foreign policy the Green changed their position in their first period in federal government. Before...

    • Ricarda Lang, Omid Nouripour
    • Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 1, 10115 Berlin
    • 1980 (The Greens), 1993 (Merger of The Greens and Alliance '90)
    • Green politics
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  4. 17. Mai 2021 · Alliance 90 / The Greens Established: 1980 / 1993 Members: 96,487 MPs in the Bundestag in the period 2017-2021: 67 of 709 MPs in total Chancellor Candidate in 2021: Annalena Baerbock Historic figures: Joschka Fischer, former Foreign Minister

  5. 18. Feb. 2016 · Founded 35 years ago, in January 1980, the new Green party Die Grünen successfully entered the German Bundestag in March 1983. Ten years later, in April 1993, Die Grünen and Bündnis 90, a party founded in East Germany in 1990, merged to form Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Alliance 90/The Greens). Data pertaining to all party conventions and key decisions, as well as all elections to the Federal ...