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  1. Eastern Norway (Bokmål: Østlandet, Nynorsk: Austlandet) is the geographical region of the south-eastern part of Norway. It consists of the counties Vestfold og Telemark, Viken, Oslo and Innlandet. Eastern Norway is by far the most populous region of Norway. It contains the country's capital, Oslo, which is Norway's most populous city.

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    Norway has a total area of 385,207 square kilometres (148,729 sq mi) and had a population of 5,488,984 in January 2023. The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden. It is bordered by Finland and Russia to the northeast and the Skagerrak strait to the south.

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    Das Land liegt im Westen der Skandinavischen Halbinsel und grenzt im Osten an Schweden sowie im Nordosten an Finnland und Russland. Norwegen ist eines der flächengrößten Länder Europas (8.), aber mit nur 5.488.984 Einwohnern (Stand: 1. Januar 2023) dünn besiedelt. Der Großteil der Bevölkerung lebt im Süden des Landes.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Akershus ( Norwegian pronunciation: [ɑkəʂˈhʉːs] ⓘ) [1] is a traditional region, former and future county, and current electoral district in Norway, with Oslo as its main city and traditional capital. It is named after the Akershus Fortress in Oslo.

  5. East Norway (Norwegian: Østlandet) is a region in south-eastern Norway, which contains the capital Oslo, as well as half of the country's 5 million inhabitants. From the central lowlands around Oslo, Oslofjord and lake Mjøsa long valleys cut into the uplands and high mountains until the watershed with Trøndelag and West Norway.

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  7. The University of South-Eastern Norway (Norwegian: Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge), commonly known as USN, is a Norwegian state university. It has campuses in Bø in Telemark , Porsgrunn , Notodden , Rauland , Drammen , Hønefoss , Kongsberg and Horten .