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  1. An independent or non-partisan politician is a politician not affiliated with any political party or bureaucratic association. There are numerous reasons why someone may stand for office as an independent. Some politicians have political views that do not align with the platforms of any political party, and therefore choose not to affiliate with them. Some independent politicians may be associated with a party, perhaps as former members of it, or else have views that align with it ...

  2. Independent politician A Haider al-Abadi Dorcus Acen Silas Aogon Auru Anne B Seth Adjei Baah Ralph Babet Abdolhossein Behnia Hélio Bicudo C Lydia Chekwel D Alhassan Dahamani Paul Derigubah Igor Durlovski G Manvel Ghazaryan Peter Goldgruber J Bekim Jashari Pilila Jere K Laurent-Désiré Kabila Ryuji Koizumi Kurt Vialet L

  3. In politics, an Independent is someone who is not a member of any political party. Independents can have a centrist opinion on what they want to do when they are elected, or they may have extreme opinions that are very different from what other parties have.

  4. Category:Independent politicians in the United States - Wikipedia Help Category:Independent politicians in the United States Subcategories This category has the following 55 subcategories, out of 55 total. * Independent members of the United States House of Representatives ‎ (2 C, 23 P) Independent state governors of the United States ‎ (39 P)

  5. Third-party and independent members of the United States Congress are generally rare. Although the Republican Party and Democratic Party have dominated U.S. politics in a two-party system since 1856, some independents and members of other political parties have also been elected to Congress or changed their party affiliation to such during their term in office.

  6. An independent politician is a person who has served in a political office while not affiliated to any political party. Many of these have either resigned or been expelled from membership in political parties, and some have gone on to form their own political parties over time.

  7. Independent politicians, who contest elections without the support of one of the political parties, have played a continuous role in the politics of Ireland since independence in 1922. Contents 1 Provision for independents in electoral law 2 Independents supporting governments 3 Local government 4 European Parliament 5 President of Ireland