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  1. Starnberg ist die Kreisstadt des gleichnamigen Landkreises innerhalb des Regierungsbezirks Oberbayern. Die Mittelstadt liegt rund 25 km südwestlich von München am Nordende des Starnberger Sees und ist ein Ausflugs- und Erholungsort. Gem ...

  2. Bavaria retained its own diplomatic corps and its own army, which would come under Prussian command only in times of war. In December 1870, Bismarck used financial concessions to induce Ludwig with the support of the king's equerry Maximilian Count von Holnstein to write the so-called Kaiserbrief , a letter endorsing the creation of the German Empire with King Wilhelm I of Prussia as Emperor.

  3. Lake Starnberg, or Starnberger See [ˈʃtaʁnbɛʁɡɐ ˌzeː] ) — called Lake Würm, or Würmsee [ˈvʏʁmˌzeː], until 1962 — is Germany's second-largest body of fresh water, having great depth, and fifth-largest lake by area.

  4. Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria, acquired a piece of land on the banks of Lake Starnberg in 1676 from the Horwarth family and ordered the construction of Berg Palace. Ferdinand used it for festivities, but it reached its zenith under his successors, elector Max Emanuel and Emperor Charles VII , when it served as the ambiance for spectacular entertainment and hunting events.

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    Starnberg is a German town in Bavaria, Germany, some 30 kilometres (19 mi) southwest of Munich. It is at the north end of Lake Starnberg, in the heart of the "Five Lakes Country", and serves as capital of the district of Starnberg. Recording a disposable per-capita income of €26,120 in 2007, Starnberg regained its status as the wealthiest ...

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    Bavaria has long had one of the largest economies of any region in Germany, and in Europe. Its gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007 exceeded €434 billion (about U.S. $600 billion). This makes Bavaria itself one of the largest economies in Europe, and only 20 countries in the world have a higher GDP.

  7. Maria Sophie Amalie, Duchess in Bavaria (4 October 1841, Possenhofen Castle – 19 January 1925, Munich) was the last Queen consort of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. She was one of the ten children of Maximilian Joseph, Duke in Bavaria and Princess Ludovika of Bavaria .