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  1. Danish is a well-studied language, and multiple universities in Denmark have departments devoted to Danish or linguistics with active research projects on the language, such as the Linguistic Circle of Copenhagen, and there are many dictionaries and technological resources on the language.

  2. Die dänische Sprache (dänisch det danske sprog ), kurz Dänisch (dansk), gehört zu den germanischen Sprachen und dort zur Gruppe der skandinavischen (nordgermanischen) Sprachen. Zusammen mit Schwedisch bildet es den ostskandinavischen Zweig. Dänisch ist die alleinige Landessprache von Dänemark und als Reichsdänisch (rigsdansk) standardisiert.

    • 5,3 Millionen (Muttersprachler), 0,3 Millionen (Zweitsprachler)
    • Grönland (Verkehrssprache), Deutschland Deutschland (Südschleswig)
  3. Danish is the Germanic language spoken in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and parts of Greenland and Germany (Southern Schleswig). Around 5.5 million people speak Danish. It is used as a second language in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The Danish people, or Danes, call their language dansk. Here are some simple words in Danish:

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    One of the major tasks of Danish Wikipedia is to ensure that every Danish individual will be able to access, read and obtain information from Wikipedia. Danes will join a wide and open studying environment to discuss the knowledge with Wiki users from all over the world, thus raising people's level of knowledge.

    No fair use: The Danish Wikipedia has no fair useprovisions. No fair use claims are allowed and all images (except Wikimedia logos) must be available under a free license.
    Copyright law: Very few works are exempt from copyright under Danish law, and the number of images available from third-party sources is much lower than that for the English and German Wikipedias....
    Commons: Files uploaded to the Danish Wikipedia must be used in article space within a week, or the file will be listed for deletion. This rule was introduced to discourage local uploads, given tha...
    Article assessment: The Danish Wikipedia has not yet adopted ratings equivalent to the English Wikipedia's featured articles and A-grade. The highest grade is Anbefalede artikler (AA) (recommended...
    • 1 February 2002; 20 years ago
    • Miami, Florida
  4. Danish orthography - Wikipedia Danish orthography 1 language Edit Danish orthography is the system and norms used for writing the Danish language, including spelling and punctuation. Officially, the norms are set by the Danish language council through the publication of Retskrivningsordbogen .

    Letter Or Letter Combination
    in open syllables
    tale, hale, gade
    in closed syllables before d, t, n, l, s
    halv, dansk, flaske
    before or after r
    svare, rase, vare
    before other consonants than d, t, n, l, ...
    pakke, aften