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  1. The European People's Party (EPP) is a European political party with Christian-democratic, conservative, and liberal-conservative member parties. A transnational organisation, it is composed of other political parties. Founded by primarily Christian-democratic parties in 1976, it has since broadened its membership to include

  2. Die Europäische Volkspartei (EVP; französisch Parti populaire européen, PPE, englisch European People’s Party, EPP) ist eine europäische politische Partei, die sich aus christlich-demokratischen und bürgerlich-konservativen Mitgliedsparteien in der Europäischen Union zusammensetzt.

  3. The European People's Party Group (EPP Group) is a centre-right political group of the European Parliament consisting of deputies (MEPs) from the member parties of the European People's Party (EPP). Sometimes it also includes independent MEPs and/or deputies from unaffiliated national parties.

  4. As a global leader, efficiently preserving our planet for future generations. The EPP is the biggest and most influential European political family. The EPP currently includes. 84 parties and partners. The EPP is centre-right, pro-European political party which gathers over 83 parties from 44 countries.

  5. The European People's Party ( EPP) is a European political party. It is made up of Christian-democratic, conservative, and liberal-conservative parties from European countries.. It was started by Christian-democratic parties in 1976.

  6. The EPP is the EU’s centre-right party and its largest and most influential political family. The EPP currently includes 84 parties and partners from 44 countries, the President of the European Commission, President of the European Parliament, 10 EU and 3 non-EU heads of state and government, 10 members of the European Commission and the ...

  7. Die Youth of the European People’s Party ( YEPP, englisch für Jugend der Europäischen Volkspartei) ist die Jugendorganisation der Europäischen Volkspartei (EVP).