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  1. Fanfare. Website. www .fdj .de. The Free German Youth ( German: Freie Deutsche Jugend; FDJ) is a youth movement in Germany. Formerly, it was the official youth movement of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.

  2. The Freideutsche Jugend was an umbrella organisation established in Wilhelmine Germany that set out to create an autonomous youth culture free of adult supervision. It was part of the broader German youth movement , emerging from the Wandervogel .

  3. 13. Juni 2021 · The KPD leadership in exile in Moscow had decided to form a “broad anti-imperialist democratic” youth organisation under the name “Free German Youth”. It was explicitly not only to be communist. Thus, in September 1945, representatives of the KPD and SPD met in the Soviet occupation zone.

  4. 15. Juni 2021 · On 15 June 1946, the first congress of the FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend) - the union of Free German Youth was opened. Four main demands by young Germans were laid down during the forum: full political rights, the right to work and rest, the right to an education, and the right to happiness.

  5. Freie Deutsche Jugend, FDJ (Free German Youth Organisation) Socialist youth organisation of the GDR. Founded on 7th March 1946. After an initial phase of a "cross-party, democratic character" (founding resolution), the FDJ became the "socialist youth organisation of the GDR" after successful attempts at conformation.

  6. 9. Dez. 2004 · In this book, the author has undertaken a study of the East German communist youth organization, the Free German Youth (FDJ), and the young people that it tried, often in vain, to enthuse and control.