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  1. List of state parties of the Democratic Party (United States) This is a list of official state and territorial party organizations of the United States Democratic Party .

  2. Democratic Caucus of the United States Senate; Democratic Leadership Council; Democratic National Committee; Democratic National Convention; Democratic National Convention 1968; Democratic National Convention 2004; Democratic National Convention 2020; Liste der Democratic National Conventions; Democrats for Life of America; Dummycrats

  3. This is an incomplete list of official organizations associated with the United States Democratic Party : Constituency groups [ edit] College Democrats High School Democrats of America LGBT Democrats National Federation of Democratic Women National Jewish Democratic Council Stonewall Democrats Young Democrats of America DNC Women

  4. The state Democratic or Republican Party controls the governorship, the state legislative houses, and U.S. Senate representation. Nebraska's legislature is unicameral (i.e., it has only one legislative house) and is officially non-partisan, though party affiliation still has an unofficial influence on the legislative process.

  5. The Democratic-Republican Party, known at the time as the Republican Party and also referred to as the Jeffersonian Republican Party among other names, [a] was an American political party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the early 1790s that championed republicanism, agrarianism, political equality, and expansionism.

  6. The Democratic party is pledged to equal justice and exact justice in all men of every creed and condition; to the largest freedom of individual consistent with good government; to the preservation of the Federal Government in its constitutional vigor and support of the maintenance of the public faith and sound money; and it is opposed to …

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