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  1. Independent politician. Not to be confused with Independence Party, Independent Group, or Independent Party. An independent or nonpartisan politician is a politician not affiliated with any political party. There are numerous reasons why someone may stand for office as an independent. Some politicians have political views that do not align with ...

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  3. Independent politician. In politics, an Independent is someone who is not a member of any political party. Independents can have a centrist opinion on what they want to do when they are elected, or they may have extreme opinions that are very different from what other parties have. Also, there are some politicians who may choose to contest an ...

  4. An independent politician is an individual politician not affiliated to any political party. There are numerous reasons why someone may stand for office as an independent. Independents may hold a centrist viewpoint between those of major political parties. Sometimes they hold a viewpoint more extreme than any major party, have an ideology ...

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    • Overview
    • Provision for independents in electoral law
    • Independents supporting governments
    • Independents in government
    • Local government
    • European Parliament

    Independent politicians, who contest elections without the support of one of the political parties, have played a continuous role in the politics of Ireland since independence in 1922.

    If a candidate is not the candidate of a registered political party, they may be nominated for elections to Dáil Éireann with the assent of 30 electors in the constituency, for elections to the European Parliament with the assent of 60 electors in the constituency, and for local elections with the assent of 15 electors in the local electoral area. They may choose to have the designation non-party next to their name on the ballot paper. In Seanad elections and presidential elections ...

    In the case of minority governments, where the party or parties forming the government do not have a majority in the Dáil, they will usually be dependent on independent TDs in votes of confidence. This can be by formal arrangement with the government.

    In the Inter-Party Government led by John A. Costello as Taoiseach, James Dillon served as Minister for Agriculture. He was an independent TD, having left Fine Gael in 1942 because he disagreed with the policy of neutrality during the Second World War. He rejoined Fine Gael in 1953 and became leader in 1959. In 2009, Mary Harney continued as Minister for Health as an independent member of the government after the dissolution of the Progressive Democrats, and served until 2011. After the 2016 gen

    At the 2019 local elections, independents won 185 of the 949 seats on city and county councils.

    Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has been an MEP for Midlands–North-West since 2014.

  6. American Independent Party. Not to be confused with Independent voter, Independent politician, The American Independent, Independence Party of America, or United States Independence Party. The American Independent Party ( AIP) is a far-right political party in the United States that was established in 1967.

    Presidential Nominee
    Home State
    Previous Positions
    Rocky De La Fuente ( Alliance; Reform)
    Businessman and perennial candidate
    Donald Trump (Republican)
    Businessman Chairman of The Trump ...
    Tom Hoefling (America's)
    Alan Keyes (America's Independent)
    Assistant Secretary of State for ...
    • July 8, 1967; 54 years ago
    • Far-right