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  1. Signals intelligence (SIGINT) are gathered from interception of signals. Communications intelligence (COMINT) Electronic intelligence (ELINT) – gathered from electronic signals that do not contain speech or text (which are considered COMINT) Foreign instrumentation signals intelligence (FISINT) – entails the collection and analysis of telemetry ...

  2. Human intelligence (abbreviated HUMINT and pronounced as hyoo-mint) is intelligence gathered by means of interpersonal contact, as opposed to the more technical intelligence gathering disciplines such as signals intelligence (SIGINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT) and measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT). [1]

  3. An intelligence gathering network is a system through which information about a particular entity is collected for the benefit of another through the use of more than one, inter-related source. [according to whom?] Such information may be gathered by a military intelligence, government intelligence, or commercial intelligence network.

  4. Intelligence, in the context of information gathering, refers to a wide range of techniques for picking and prioritizing the subjects of interest, collecting and validating raw information, and inferring meaning by analyzing (ideally) multiple sources of information on a given subject.

  5. 27.06.2018 · Intelligence (information gathering) From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. secret intelligence. collection, analysis, and exploitation of information in support of law enforcement, national security, military, and foreign policy objectives. Upload media.

  6. Information Gathering Satellite are the satellites of the Japanese spy satellite program. It was started as a response to the 1998 North Korean missile test over Japan. The satellite program's main mission is to provide early warning of impending hostile launches in the region. This program is under the direct control of the cabinet. All Information Gathering Satellites have been launched by H-IIA rockets from the Tanegashima Space Center.

  7. Intelligence assessment, or simply intel, is the development of behavior forecasts or recommended courses of action to the leadership of an organisation, based on wide ranges of available overt and covert information. Assessments develop in response to leadership declaration requirements to inform decision-making. Assessment may be executed on behalf of a state, military or commercial organisation with ranges of information sources available to each. An intelligence assessment ...