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  1. Racial segregation is most pronounced in housing. Although in the U.S. people of different races may work together, they are still very unlikely to live in integrated neighborhoods. This pattern differs only by degree in different metropolitan areas. [130] Residential segregation persists for a variety of reasons.

  2. BMW 328. BSA Ten. Bugatti 8-cylinder line. Bugatti Royale. Bugatti Type 46. Bugatti Type 51 Dubos. Bugatti Type 55. Bugatti Type 57S Atalante (57502) Buick Century.

  3. Taken over by Hungary from 18 March 1939. Chile. Capital: Santiago. Republic of Chile (to 4 June 1932) Socialist Republic of Chile (from 4 June 1932 to 13 September 1932) Republic of Chile (from 13 September 1932) Widely recognized LON member state; withdrew in May 14, 1938. China – Republic of China.

  4. The Dawn Trail. Christy Cabanne. Buck Jones, Miriam Seegar, Charles Morton. United States. B Western. The Girl of the Golden West. John Francis Dillon. Ann Harding, James Rennie, Harry Bannister. United States.

  5. Dust Bowl ( deutsch Staubschüssel) wurden in der Zeit der Weltwirtschaftskrise ( Great Depression) in den USA und Kanada Teile der Großen Ebenen ( Great Plains) genannt, die in den 1930er Jahren – besonders in den Jahren 1935 bis 1938 – von verheerenden Dürren und Staubstürmen betroffen waren. Nach der Rodung des Präriegrases zur ...

  6. 4 October - The 1930 NSWRFL season culminates in Western Suburbs ' 27–2 victory over St. George in the premiership final, marking Western Suburbs' first premiership since the club was founded in 1908. 4 November – Phar Lap wins the Melbourne Cup. The Australia national rugby league team completed the 1929–30 Kangaroo tour of Great Britain.

  7. Throughout the 1930s, Mercedes-Benz produced the 770 model, a car that was notably popular throughout Germany's Nazi period. Adolf Hitler was known to have driven in a model of this car during his time in power, with modified custom bulletproof windshields. Most of the currently surviving 770 models were sold at auctions to private buyers.