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  1. Otto Adolf Eichmann (* 19. März 1906 in Solingen; † 1. Juni 1962 in Ramla bei Tel Aviv, Israel) war ein deutscher SS-Obersturmbannführer.Während der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus und des Zweiten Weltkrieges leitete er in Berlin das „Eichmannreferat“.

  2. Eichmann attended the Kaiser Franz Joseph Staatsoberrealschule (state secondary school) in Linz, the same high school Adolf Hitler had attended 17 years before. He played the violin and participated in sports and clubs, including a Wandervogel woodcraft and scouting group that included some older boys who were members of various right-wing militias. [12]

  3. Adolf Eichmann est un membre du parti nazi, criminel de guerre, fonctionnaire du Troisième Reich, né à Solingen le 19 mars 1906 et mort par pendaison dans la prison de Ramla près de Tel Aviv-Jaffa le 31 mai 1962.

  4. Adolf Eichmann was one of the most pivotal actors in the implementation of the “Final Solution.” Charged with managing and facilitating the mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and killing centers in the German-occupied East, he was among the major organizers of the Holocaust.

  5. Adolf Eichmann was a thin little man with bow legs and a hook nose. In the civilian world he had been viewed as of no account, a socially awkward loser with ...

  6. 27.01.2016 · Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann penned a plea for his life to Israel’s president two days before he was hanged in 1962 for masterminding the “Final Solution” plan to exterminate 6 million Jews.

  7. La lettera Eichmann a Gerusalemme: resoconto sulla banalità del male è sostanzialmente il diario dell'autrice, inviata del settimanale New Yorker, sulle sedute del processo ad Adolf Eichmann. Il gerarca nazista , rifugiato nel 1945 in Argentina , fu ivi prelevato dagli israeliani nel 1960, processato per genocidio nel 1961 a Gerusalemme e condannato a morte per impiccagione .

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