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    Aldfrith (auch Aldfrid, Aldfrið, Aldferþ, Alfrið, Aelfrid, Alchfrit, Alhfrithus, Arcircius, Ealdferth, Ealdferð, Ealdferþ, Flann Fína, Flainn Fína maic Ossu; * vor 634; † 14. Dezember 705 ) war in den Jahren 686 bis 705 König des angelsächsischen Königreiches Northumbria .

  2. Aldfrith was a king of Northumbria from 685 to 704/705, who ruled after his father Oswiu and his mother Fín, an Irish princess. He is known for his learning, his works of art, and his conflict with the bishop of Lindisfarne. He was a scholar and a Christian leader who restored the fortunes of the kingdom and created Hiberno-Saxon culture.

    • 685–704/705
    • Fín
  3. Aldfrith, (died Dec. 14, 704, Driffield, Eng.), king of Northumbria (685–704) and patron of literature. An illegitimate son of Oswiu and the Irish princess Fína, he succeeded to the throne when his brother Ecgfrith was killed at the Battle of Nechtansmere.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  4. The superior learning of King Aldfrith of Northumbria (685–704) was acknowledged in both Anglo-Saxon and Gaelic contemporary sources by such renowned scholars as Bede of Wearmouth-Jarrow, Aldhelm of Malmesbury, Adomnán of Iona, Stephen of Ripon, and Alcuin of York. Both Aldhelm and Adomnán knew him personally, and texts composed by these ...

  5. Breen, Aidan. Aldfrith (d. 705), king of Northumbria, son of Oswiu of Northumbria and an Irish princess of the Cenél nÉogain, was brought up in Ireland, where he spent many years in study. When his half-brother Ecgfrith died suddenly (685), he was brought to the throne of Northumbria with the assistance of his half-sister Ælfflaed, abbess of ...

  6. Im Jahr 750 floh der Ætheling („Prinz“) Offa, ein Sohn des ehemaligen Königs Aldfrith (686–705), vor Eadberht in die Kathedrale von Lindisfarne ins Kirchenasyl. Er wurde in der Kirche belagert, ergriffen und ermordet.