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  1. Aldhelm von Sherborne / Malmesbury war von 675/680 bis 709/710 Abt von Malmesbury und von 705 bis 709/710 erster Bischof von Sherborne. Er war der erste angelsächsische Gelehrte, von dem umfangreiche lateinische Texte erhalten blieben. Er gilt als Heiliger.

  2. erster Abt in Malmesbury, Bischof von Sherborne. * um 639 in Wessex in England. † 25. Mai 709 in Doulting bei Malmesbury in England. Wandplastik in der katholischen Kirche St. Aldhelm in Malmesbury. Aldhelm war ein Verwandter - möglicherweise der Sohn - von König Kentwine von Wessex, er wurde in Malmesbury von Maildulph von Malmesbury erzogen.

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    Aldhelm (Old English: Ealdhelm, Latin: Aldhelmus Malmesberiensis) (c. 639 – 25 May 709), Abbot of Malmesbury Abbey, Bishop of Sherborne, and a writer and scholar of Latin poetry, was born before the middle of the 7th century.

  4. Abbot of Malmesbury and Bishop of Sherborne, Latin poet and ecclesiastical writer (c. 639-709). Aldhelm, also written Ealdhelm, Ældhelm, Adelelmus, Althelmus, and Adelme, was a kinsman of Ine, King of Wessex, and apparently received his early education at Malmesbury, in Wiltshire, under an Irish Christian teacher named Maildubh. It is curious ...

  5. A walking pilgrimage was held from Malmesbury Abbey via Bradford-on-Avon and Sherborne to the St. Aldhelm’s Head chapel where it was joined by the then Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and proceeded to Renscombe Farm. It gathered 1,500 people, according to the BBC.

  6. Aldhelm arrived in Rome and was housed in the Lateran palace by Pope Sergius I. Every day he would celebrate the Divine Liturgy, and one day, having celebrated the Liturgy and being still with his thoughts caught up to heaven, he cast his chasuble behind him. The acolyte who was serving him was occupied in another part of the altar and did not ...

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    St Aldhelm. One of Maeldub’s pupils was Aldhelm, renowned for his scholarship across Europe. Aldhelm developed Maeldub’s school, built churches in Malmesbury and established the Benedictine monastic order here, gaining the support of both the Pope and King Ine of Wessex.