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  1. Graf Alexandre Florian Joseph de Colonna-Walewski (* 4. Mai 1810 in Walewice bei Warschau; † 27. Oktober 1868 in Straßburg) war ein französischer Politiker und Diplomat. Er ist auch bekannt als außerehelicher Sohn Napoleons I. und der Gräfin Maria Walewska.

  2. Alexandre Florian Joseph, Count Colonna-Walewski ( French pronunciation: [alɛksɑ̃dʁ kɔlɔna valɛvski]; Polish: Aleksander Florian Józef Colonna-Walewski; 4 May 1810 – 27 September 1868), was a Polish and French politician and diplomat, the unacknowledged son of French emperor Napoleon I .

  3. Alexandre Florian Józef Colonna Walewski, comte Walewski, puis duc ( ad personam) Colonna-Walewski, né le 4 mai 1810 au château de Walewice et mort le 27 septembre 1868 à Strasbourg, est un militaire, diplomate et homme politique franco - polonais.

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  4. Alexandre-Florian-Joseph Colonna, Count Walewski was a French statesman and minister of foreign affairs under Louis-Napoléon (Napoleon III). He was the illegitimate son of Napoleon I and Maria, Countess Walewska. At age 14 Walewski refused to enter the Russian army, escaping to London and thence to.

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  5. The French branch of the Colonna Walewski family descends from Emperor Napoleon 1er and Countess Marie Colonna Walewska born Lackzinska, their son, minister to Napoleon III, Alexandre Florian, who, as a result of his affair with Rachel, had a son named Alexandre Antoine.

  6. In 2013, DNA proved Napoleon had at least one illegitimate child: Alexandre, who grew up to be Minister of Foreign Affairs for Napoleon III. Did people know about it during his life? And how was the relationship between the two relatives, considering Alexandre maybe had a better claim to the throne?

  7. The article recounts the mysterious and sudden death of the diplomat and illegitimate son of Napoleon I in Strasbourg, on 27 September 1868. It also describes the reactions and tributes of the Empire and the press to the loss of a great statesman.