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  1. 알프레드 노스 화이트헤드(영어: Alfred North Whitehead, OM, FRS, 1861년 2월 15일 ~ 1947년 12월 30일)는 영국의 철학자·수학자이다. 20세기를 대표하는 철학자의 한 사람으로서 수리 논리학(기호논리학)의 대성자 중 한 사람이다. 존 캅과 같은 과정신학 학자들에 큰 영향을 ...

  2. Process and Reality. Process and Reality is a book by Alfred North Whitehead, in which the author propounds a philosophy of organism, also called process philosophy. The book, published in 1929, is a revision of the Gifford Lectures he gave in 1927–28. We diverge from Descartes by holding that what he has described as primary attributes of ...

  3. 1. Okt. 2023 · Alfred North Whitehead, English mathematician and philosopher who collaborated with Bertrand Russell on Principia Mathematica (1910–13) and, from the mid-1920s, taught at Harvard University and developed a comprehensive metaphysical theory.

  4. 15. Feb. 2013 · Alfred and Maria Whitehead had four children, with Alfred North Whitehead as the youngest of the family. He had two brother who were seven and eight years older than he was, and a sister who was two years older. Whitehead was always treated by his parents as the baby of the family and, rather surprisingly, they considered him a sickly and frail child when it appears that this was not the case ...

  5. Alfred North Whitehead, OM, MRS (15 de febrero de 1861- 30 de diciembre de 1947) fue un matemático y filósofo inglés.Es reconocido como la figura que define a la escuela filosófica conocida como la filosofía del proceso, [1] que hoy en día ha encontrado aplicación en una gran variedad de disciplinas, entre ellas la ecología, la teología, la educación, la física, la biología, la ...

  6. 21. Mai 1996 · Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947) was a British mathematician, logician and philosopher best known for his work in mathematical logic and the philosophy of science. In collaboration with Bertrand Russell , he co-authored the landmark three-volume Principia Mathematica (1910, 1912, 1913).

  7. アルフレッド・ノース・ホワイトヘッド ( 英語: Alfred North Whitehead, 1861年 2月15日 - 1947年 12月30日 )は、 イギリス の 数学者 ・ 哲学者 である。. 論理学 、 科学哲学 、 数学 、 高等教育 論、 宗教哲学 などに功績を残す。. ケンブリッジ大学 ...