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  1. All Our Desires ist ein Film von Philippe Lioret mit Vincent Lindon, Marie Gillain. Synopsis: Die engagierte junge Richterin Claire (Marie Gillain) entscheidet im Falle der überschuldeten...

  2. All Our Desires (French: Toutes nos envies) is a 2011 French drama film directed by Philippe Lioret. Marie Gillain was nominated for the Magritte Award for Best Actress for her role. The screenplay was adapted loosely from the 2009 French non-fiction book Other Lives But Mine.

  3. 9. Nov. 2011 · With Vincent Lindon, Marie Gillain, Amandine Dewasmes, Yannick Renier. Moved by the plight of the mother of her daughter's school friend, a young judge facing an incurable disease teams up with an older colleague in order to fight against financial companies that exploit the poor.

  4. 1. Sept. 2011 · All Our Desires (Tous nos envies) is the story of young magistrate (Marie Gillain) fighting for justice against a corrupt system, while losing her battle against a brain tumor which she...

  5. All Our Desires. A film sublimated by the total commitment of Marie Gillain and all the other characters to their roles, in all their human fragility. Successfully continues Lioret’s humanistic concerns. Cast: Vincent Lindon, Marie Gillain, Amandine Dewasmes, Yannick Rénier, Pascale Arbillot.

  6. 1. Sept. 2011 · All Our Desires (Toutes nos envies): Venice Film Review. French writer-director Philippe Lioret teams up with Vincent Lindon and Marie Gillain for a tale about a judge who helps an...

  7. 16. Apr. 2021 · synopsis. Claire, a young magistrate at the law court in Lyon, meets Stéphane, an experienced, disillusioned magistrate whom she involves in her fight against over-indebtedness. Something happens between them: a fusion of revolt and emotions, and above all the urgent need to live it all to the full.