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  1. Anatole Demidoff, Fürst von San Donato (russisch Анатолий Николаевич Демидов, Transkription Anatoli Nikolajewitsch Demidow, * 5. April 1813 in Sankt Petersburg ; † 29. April 1870 in Paris ) war ein russischer Großindustrieller und Förderer von Wissenschaft und Kunst.

  2. Count Anatoly Nikolaievich Demidov, 1st Prince of San Donato (Russian: Анатолий Николаевич Демидов; 5 April OS: 24 March 1813 – 29 April 1870) was a Russian industrialist, diplomat and arts patron of the Demidov family.

  3. Born in St. Petersburg in 1812, Anatole N. Demidoff, First Prince of San Donato, was one of the most talented, energetic, and extravagant of the Demidoffs. His interests ranged wide: directing the vast Demidoff business empire in Russia, commissioning masterpieces from leading artists of the day such as Paul Delaroche and Eugene Delacroix, to ...

  4. Anatole Demidoff di San Donato (1813–1870), russischer Industrieller; Nikolai Petrowitsch Lopuchin-Demidow (1836–1910), russischer Generalleutnant; Grigori Aleksandrowitsch Demidow (1837–1870), russischer Komponist; Pawel Pawlowitsch Demidow di San Donato (1839–1885), 1871–1876 Bürgermeister von Kiew

  5. Anatole Demidoff, Fürst von San Donato war ein russischer Großindustrieller und Förderer von Wissenschaft und Kunst. Weitere Schreibweise des Namens: Anatol Nicolaïevitch von Demidov.

  6. After Anatole's death in Paris in 1870, the art collection and title of Prince of San Donato was inherited by his nephew, Paul Demidoff [1839-1885], the son of his older brother, Paul Nikolayevich Demidov [1798-1840]. Bibliography. 1865. Larousse, Pierre.

  7. This momentous decision for the Bonapartes was made on the occasion of her marriage on 3 November 1840 to Anatole Nikolaievitch Demidoff, Prince of San Donato. It was Anatole who interceded directly with the King of the French, Louis Philippe, to bring to an end more than twenty years of banishment from France for the Bonapartes. The funeral ...

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