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  1. "Any Way That You Want Me" is a song written by Chip Taylor that was first released in September 1966 by Tina Mason as the B-side to her single "Finders Keepers". It has been covered by a number of artists, with the most successful version being by English rock band the Troggs .

  2. 25. Dez. 2013 · SP: The Troggs 1966

  3. The song Any Way That You Want Me was written by Chip Taylor and was first released by Tina Mason in 1966. It was covered by Faith Brown, Margo Smith, Tommy Parker, Deborah Washington and other artists.

  4. Elvis recorded this song : July 2, 1956.At the: RCA Studios, New York. In New York.It's written by : Aaron Schroeder and Cliff Owens.It was a GIANT hit- wi...

  5. 28. Aug. 2018 · So werde ich sein. Ich werde zahm sein wie ein Baby, Oder wild wie das tobende Meer, Wie auch immer du mich willst, So werde ich sein. In deiner Hand ist mein Herz Lehm, Um eine Form zu nehmen, wie du sie magst. Ich bin, was du aus mir machst, du musst mich nur nehmen, Und in deinen Armen werde ich bleiben.

  6. 24. Nov. 2023 · Any Way That You Want Me (Live) Lyrics: How you doing, are you in tune? / I'm in tune / You feeling good? / I'm feeling good / You feeling the vibe? / I'm feeling- I'm feeling / It's...

  7. 16. Apr. 2023 · Any way that you want me. Take the place of all I held onto. Steal away with you. Any way that you want me. Tried to tie things to those times they tell. And you know. When we wonder which way we went wrong, all wrong. It ain't wrong, no. You want me to come round.