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  1. Arthur Leonard Schawlow [ˈʃaʊloʊ] (* 5. Mai 1921 in Mount Vernon , New York ; † 28. April 1999 in Palo Alto / Kalifornien ) war ein US-amerikanischer Physiker und Nobelpreisträger .

  2. Arthur Leonard Schawlow (May 5, 1921 – April 28, 1999) was an American physicist who, along with Charles Townes, developed the theoretical basis for laser science. His central insight was the use of two mirrors as the resonant cavity to take maser action from microwaves to visible wavelengths.

  3. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1981 was divided, one half jointly to Nicolaas Bloembergen and Arthur Leonard Schawlow "for their contribution to the development of laser spectroscopy" and the other half to Kai M. Siegbahn "for his contribution to the development of high-resolution electron spectroscopy"

  4. 1. Mai 2024 · Arthur L. Schawlow was an American physicist and corecipient, with Nicolaas Bloembergen of the United States and Kai Manne Börje Siegbahn of Sweden, of the 1981 Nobel Prize for Physics for his work in developing the laser and in laser spectroscopy. As a child, Schawlow moved with his family to.

  5. 28. Apr. 1999 · Arthur Leonard Schawlow. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1981. Born: 5 May 1921, Mount Vernon, NY, USA. Died: 28 April 1999, Palo Alto, CA, USA. Affiliation at the time of the award: Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA. Prize motivation: “for their contribution to the development of laser spectroscopy” Prize share: 1/4. Work.

  6. 3. Juni 1999 · Arthur Schawlow, co-inventor of the laser and one of the great figures of this century in optical science, died on the 28 April 1999. The laser has revolutionized optical science and its...

  7. Schawlow, Arthur Leonard, amerikanischer Physiker, *5.5.1921 Mount Vernon (N.Y.), †28.4.1999 Stanford; arbeitete 1951-61 bei den Bell Telephone Laboratories, ab 1961 Professor in Palo Alto (Calif.); zunächst Arbeiten zur Entwicklung von Radarantennen; schlug 1958 zusammen mit C.H. Townes die Anwendung des Maser-Prinzips auf Licht unter ...