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  1. Associated Independent Recording (kurz AIR, auch AIR Studios) ist eines der großen, unabhängigen Tonstudios, das 1965 als Produktionsgesellschaft in der Oxford Street in London von dem Produzenten der Band The Beatles George Martin nach seinem Ausscheiden bei dem Plattenlabel EMI gegründet wurde.

  2. Website. www .airstudios .com. Associated Independent Recording ( AIR) is an independent recording company founded in London in 1965 by record producer George Martin and his business partner John Burgess, [1] after their departure from Parlophone. [2] The studio complex was founded in 1969.

  3. George Martin assembled a supergroup of record producers for some of the UK’s top acts – Ron Richards, John Burgess, Peter Sullivan and himself – to form Associated Independent Recordings, or AIR. They proposed a new arrangement where AIR would fund the production of new releases, relieving record labels of the cost, and in return take a ...

  4. Associated Independent Recording — Lyndhurst Hall Lyndhurst Road Hampstead London NW3 5NG — +44 (0)20 7794 0660 — Instagram Twitter Facebook

  5. 6. Juni 2018 · It was a branch of Associated Independent Recording (AIR), the recording company he co-founded. Martin’s island oasis studio was soon one of the most prolific recording studios of its era,...

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    Stationery. Founded in 1965 by the legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, AIR Studios (Associated Independent Recording) is the home of state-of-the-art recording, mixing and mastering studios. AIR hosts a community of world-class talent in the fields of sound engineering and music production, while their management division offers ...

  7. 9. März 2016 · Martin had founded Associated Independent Recording (AIR) studios in London in 1969. PA. Dire Straits, Sir Paul McCartney and The Police all recorded at AIR Studios Montserrat.