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  1. Vor 2 Tagen · Portrayed by Athena Karkanis; Appears in: Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI; Status: Deceased; Died in: Saw VI; Lindsey Perez is an FBI agent assigned to the Jigsaw case along with her partner, Agent Peter Strahm. Informed by Detective Allison Kerry that two officers might be in danger, she and Strahm investigate the disappearances of Daniel Rigg and Mark ...

  2. Vor einem Tag · Mit: Tyler James Nathan, Ava Ro, Athena Karkanis, Toggo plus HD Animationsserie | CDN 2022 2024-05-27 10:00:00 2024-05-27 10:15:00 Europe/Zurich Dino Ranch Dino Ranch Jon geht gemeinsam mit Blitz und T-Rex Biscuit auf Rettungsmission.

  3. Vor 6 Tagen · A place to share knowledge and grow the autograph hobby with a focus on Through The Mail (TTM) collecting.

  4. Vor 3 Tagen · TV ( 2013 - 2018) • 208 total actors • Netflix. House of Cards is a political drama series that follows the manipulative and ambitious Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, as he rises through the ranks of Washington, D.C. In his quest for power, Underwood's equally cunning and formidable wife, Claire Underwood, is portrayed by Robin Wright.

  5. Vor 6 Tagen · Manifesters. The series starts Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, JR Ramirez, and others. The producer of the series, Jeff Rake, posted a tweet on social media saying, “My dear ...

  6. Vor 6 Tagen · Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone. J. R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez, Luna Blaise as Olive Stone, Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl, Matt Long as Zeke Landon. Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer. Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance. Frank Deal as Bill Daly, Leajato Amara Robinson as Daniel Amuta Clarke, Mugga as Bethany Collins, Alfredo Narciso as Captain Riojas,

  7. Vor 4 Tagen · History says that Athena was the firstborn daughter of Zeus, and it is said that she was born fully armed, being known for being unbeatable in war. Here enters another important character of Greek mythology, the famous Poseidon, known as the god of the seas, rivers, oceans, earthquakes, and storms.