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  1. Atlanta Rhythm Section (or ARS) is an American Southern rock band formed in 1970 by Rodney Justo (singer), Barry Bailey (guitar), Paul Goddard (bass), Dean Daughtry (keyboards), Robert Nix (drums) and J. R. Cobb (guitar).

    • Rodney Justo, Lee Shealy, Steve Stone, Justin Senker, David Anderson, Rodger Stephan
    • Southern rock, soft rock
  2. Often described as a more radio-friendly version of Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Allman Brothers, the Atlanta Rhythm Section was one of many Southern Rock bands to hit the upper reaches of the charts during the late `70s. Hailing from the small town of Doraville, Georgia, the beginning of the Atlanta Rhythm Section can be traced back to 1970. It was ...

  3. Atlanta Rhythm Section, sometimes abbreviated ARS, is an American Southern rock band. The band unofficially formed in 1970 as former members of the Candymen and the Classics IV became the session band for the newly opened Studio One, Doraville in Doraville, Georgia.

    Catalog Number
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    DL 75265
    Atlanta Rhythm Section (Album) 11 ...
    MUPS 487, (MAPS 6465)
    Back Up Against The Wall (Album) 14 ...
    2391 136
    Third Annual Pipe Dream (Album) 20 ...
    Polydor, Polydor
    2391 179
    Dog Days (Album) 22 versions
    Polydor, Polydor, Polydor
  4. Atlanta Rhythm Section - Greatest Hits Subscribe Show more. Show more. Atlanta Rhythm Section - Greatest Hits Subscribe

    • 56 Min.
    • 290,4K
    • SC Entertainment
  5. The Atlanta Rhythm Section Greatest Hits Atlanta Rhythm Section ROCK · 1972 Preview 1 Champagne Jam 4:47 2 Do It or Die 3:23 3 Dog Days 3:44 4 Doraville 3:35 5 Free Spirit 4:08 6 Georgia Rhythm 5:26 7 Homesick 5:12 8 I'm Not Going to Let It Bother Me Tonight 4:43 9 Imaginary Lover 5:32 10 Jukin' 3:43 11 So into You 6:53 12 Spooky 4:53