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  1. Augustana Academy was an educational institution in Canton, South Dakota . The Norwegian Augustana Synod was established in 1870. In that year, the Synod began an academy called the Marshall Academy in Marshall, Wisconsin. In 1881, the academy was moved to Beloit, Iowa, and renamed to Augustana Seminary and Academy.

    • December 2, 1985
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  2. Die Augustana-Hochschule ist die Theologische Hochschule der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche in Bayern. Sie bietet den Studiengang "Evangelische Theologie" mit dem Abschluss "Kirchliches Examen" sowie die Möglichkeit zu Promotion und Habilitation und ist den staatlichen theologischen Fakultäten gleichgestellt.

  3. 30. Nov. 2020 · The History of Augustana University - Augustana College and Academy Yearbooks and School Papers Online. Augustana - "Remembering the First 50 Years". Augustana Academy was a prep-school for high school aged students potentially continuing their education at Augustana College.

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  4. 8. Juni 2014 · The former Augustana Academy in Canton has been closed more than 40 years, but the graduates share an abiding bond that surprises even alumni organizers. "They are a devoted and nostalgic group...

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    Nicknamed by historians as “the college on wheels,” Augustana wasn’t done moving yet. By 1860, the still-young U.S. was on the brink of political and social catastrophe. Immigration was at an all-time high. In the South, plantation-owned slaves were harvesting 2 billion pounds of cotton each year. At the same time, opposition and public outrage ove...

    On June 5, 1860, Norwegian and Swedish church leaders met in Jefferson Prairie, Illinois, to form the Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod. The controversial move paved the way for Professor Lars Paul Esbjorn and a group of followers to establish a completely new institution — the Augustana Seminary. Christened in the basement of the N...

    By 1863, Rev. Tuve Hasselquist, president of the Augustana Synod, lobbied for another move. Hasselquist believed that moving the Seminary to a rural area populated primarily by Scandinavians would be in the best interest of the growing school. Plus, the Illinois Central Railroad promised land if the school relocated. After a vote, the Seminary (pho...

    By the late 1870s, the nation’s western frontier was bulging. In 1881, leaders of the Norwegian Augustana Synod made the decision to “follow the people” and settled in Beloit, Iowa. While in Beloit, the school reclaimed the name, Augustana Seminary and Academy. In 1884 with the institution needing more room, a group of Canton, South Dakota, citizen...

    Twenty-five miles to the north in Sioux Falls, the Lutheran Normal School opened its doors in 1889. Housed in what is now known as Old Main, the Lutheran Normal School’s mission was to prepare teachers. By 1918, city and business leaders lobbied hard for Augustana to relocate to Sioux Falls. Church leaders made the decision to merge Augustana Colle...

  5. Mittlerweile seit Jahrzehnten nimmt die Augustana, ausgezeichnet mit der aktuellen Erasmus+ Charta für die Hochschulbildung 2021-2027, mit zahlreichen Aktivitäten im Bereich Studierenden-, Lehrenden- und Mitarbeitendenmobilität an dem ERASMUS-Programm sehr erfolgreich und nachhaltig teil.