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  1. Vor 10 Stunden · Family and education See also: Family of Barack Obama § Michelle Obama's extended family Early life and ancestry Michelle LaVaughn Robinson was born on January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois, to Fraser Robinson III (1935–1991), a city water plant employee and Democratic precinct captain, and Marian Shields Robinson (b. July 30, 1937), a secretary at Spiegel's catalog store. Her mother was a ...

  2. Vor 10 Stunden · WEP challenges are FREE and open to all. On the 1st of the challenge month, there will be a get-your-thinking-caps on post. The badge will include the dates of the challenge and the winner’s prizes.

  3. Vor 10 Stunden · Spell the Month in Books April 2024. Spell the Month in Books is a linkup hosted on Reviews From the Stacks on the first Saturday of each month, but that’s the day for #6Degrees, so here we are, a week later instead. Thanks to a heads-up from Jennifer at Tasmanian Bibliophile at Large, I know that this month the theme is Poisson d’Avril.

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  5. Vor 10 Stunden · Kelly Krumrie - Girls go blind, do math, wage hunger strikes, weigh themselves, take field trips, do more math, eat or don’t eat, crochet, sprawl, swim, imagine electricity, wink, fail to understand the meaning of a wink, take photos of each other, and think

  6. Vor 10 Stunden · Piano Roll Jazz & Ragtime

  7. Vor 10 Stunden · Niceties of Hindu Festivals by Bhargava Sarma Also Review: Arithmetic of Hindu Kaalaganana (Reckoning of TIME – Hindu Perspective) by Bhargava Sarma Maasa Dharma by Bhargava Sarma Celestial Spectales by Bhargava Sarma Celebrating India: A Journey Through Culture and Festivals by Kenneth Levy Jyotish Aur Bhartiya Parv ज्योतिष और भारतीय पर्व (Hindi) by ...