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  1. Barnard College of Columbia University est une faculté d'arts libéraux située dans la ville de New York, aux États-Unis, et réservée aux femmes. Fondée en 1889 par Annie Nathan Meyer à la suite du refus de l' université Columbia d'accepter les femmes, elle prend le nom de Frederick A. P. Barnard , 10 e président de Columbia.

  2. Barnard College was among the pioneers in the late 19th-century crusade to make higher education available to young women. The College grew out of the idea, first proposed by Columbia University’s tenth president, Frederick A.P. Barnard, that women have an opportunity for higher education at Columbia. Initially ignored, the idea led to the ...

  3. Barnard is the only women’s college, and one of the only small liberal arts colleges nationwide, to offer NCAA Division I athletics. Under the Columbia-Barnard Athletics Consortium, Barnard scholar-athletes compete alongside Columbia undergraduates on 16 teams in the NCAA Division I and the Ivy League.

  4. What Students Are Saying. Barnard college is one of the most unique college experiences that exist- partly because of it's location in NYC, partly because of the affiliation with Columbia, and partly because of its existence as a women's college. Being a part of Columbia is fantastic, but by also being part of a close knit liberal arts college ...

  5. Mission Statement. Barnard College aims to provide the highest-quality liberal arts education to promising and high-achieving young women, offering the unparalleled advantages of an outstanding residential college in partnership with a major research university. With a dedicated faculty of scholars distinguished in their respective fields ...

  6. Barnard College, a private liberal arts college for women in the Morningside Heights neighbourhood of New York, New York, U.S. One of the Seven Sisters schools, it was founded in 1889 by Annie Nathan Meyer in honour of Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, then president of Columbia University.

  7. Pre-College in the City. Jump-start your Barnard+NYC experience with high-school students from around the world, pursuing rigorous academics in one of the world’s great multicultural cities. Pick Your Passion. A Barnard education is broad and deep, rigorous and experiential, with all the options offered by Columbia University.