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  1. 10. Aug. 2012 · Here HTBS’s Tim Koch writes about the BBC film Bert and Dickie (called Going for Gold in America): It is normally advisable to take a ‘Dr Johnson’ approach to any drama centred on rowing. The 18th-century man of letters famously said: ‘Sir, a woman’s preaching is like a dog’s dancing on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you ...

  2. Representing England. 1950 Auckland. Eights. Richard Desborough Burnell (26 July 1917 – 29 January 1995) was an English rower who won a gold medal at the 1948 Olympics alongside Bert Bushnell in the double sculls. He and his father Charles are the only father and son in Olympic history to have both won gold medals in rowing.

  3. The son of a boat builder and slightly-built, Bert Bushnell knows he's got what it takes to represent his country in the single sculls at the 1948 London Olympics. However, he's shocked to discover that he has been chosen to partner with the Eton and Oxford educated, six-foot four, blue-blood Dickie Burnell.

  4. 18. Juni 2012 · Spam salad, homemade shorts and billeted spare rooms – the BBC's tale of British Olympic rowers Bert Bushnell and Richard "Dickie" Burnell is a far cry from the branded tracksuits, athletes ...

  5. Thrown together just five weeks before the final of the 1948 London Olympics, Bert Bushnell (Doctor Who's Matt Smith) and Dickie Burnell (Sam Hoare) defied all the odds and made history in the double sculls. This is the story of how they did it - not only by pushing physical and emotional limits, but also by overcoming their vast professional and personal differences.

  6. 26. Juni 2012 · These moments could have easily have made for a far more interesting film than what is presented here. Bert and Dickie is an earnest and well-meaning affair but its meandering pace, lack of drama and familiarity may well have you looking at you watch or Tweeting in the final third. Full of potential and British spirit, but not a gold medal winner.

  7. 24. Juli 2012 · I should add, I suppose, that I wrote Bert and Dickie and I apologise for the late joining of the board. I'm on a deadline for another BBC film and it's all a bit tight! Anyway, I'm so happy that ...