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  1. › wiki › Blood_BathBlood Bath - Wikipedia

    Blood Bath is a 1966 American horror film directed by Jack Hill and Stephanie Rothman and starring William Campbell, Linda Saunders, Marissa Mathes, and Sid Haig. The film concerns a mad painter of weird art who turns into a vampire-like man (with different features) by night, apparently as a result of a family curse, and believes ...

    • Jack Hill
    • March 2, 1966
    • Jack Hill Productions
    • Ronald Stein
  2. 17. Okt. 1975 · Blood Bath: Directed by Joel M. Reed. With Harve Presnell, Jack Somack, Curt Dawson, Doris Roberts. The cast of a horror film go out for dinner with their director one night and they all exchange horror stories.

    • (311)
    • Horror
    • Joel M. Reed
    • 1975-10-17
  3. 21. Juni 2021 · for more weird videos plus strange film nights in London. VHS trailer for the 1966 horror thriller Blood Bath, directed by Jack Hill, starring William Campbell, Marissa ...

    • 2 Min.
    • 1366
    • The Duke Mitchell Film Club
  4. Blood Bath 1966 Directed by Jack Hill, Stephanie Rothman Synopsis The shrieking of mutilated victims caged in a black pit of horror! A painter of morbid art, who becomes a murderous vampire by night and kills young women, attempts a daytime relationship with a woman who resembles a former love and is also the sister of one of his victims.

    • (1,5K)
    • Jack Hill, Stephanie Rothman
  5. 29. Nov. 1975 · Drama Horror Mystery. Hopeless American expatriates inhabit a small Spanish village where residents are mysteriously dying after the arrival of a religious cult. Director. Silvio Narizzano. Writers. Gonzalo Suárez. Win Wells. Stars. Carroll Baker.

  6. 10. Feb. 2002 · Blood Bath (1966) Wie sein Vorfahr Erno Sordi hat Antonio 'Tony' Sordi in einem alten Glockenturm sein Atelier eingerichtet. Seine Gemälde erzielen Höchstpreise. Was jedoch keiner ahnt ist, dass Sordi ein Vampir ist, der seine Gemälde nach den tatsächlichen Opfern …. Weiterlesen.