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  1. › wiki › Brenda_ReidBrenda Reid - Wikipedia

    Brenda Reid (born July 20, 1945) is an American singer, who was lead singer of the group The Exciters best known for (U.S. #4) single "Tell Him". Brenda was married to fellow band member Herb Rooney.

  2. Die Vorgängergruppe hieß Masterettes und bestand aus Brenda Reid, Carol Johnson, Lillian Walker und Sylvia Wilbur. Als Herbert Rooney (* 1941) bei deren Schwestergruppe Masters rausflog, schloss er sich 1962 als Ersatz für Wilbur den Masterettes an. Diese benannten sich danach in Exciters um.

  3. › wiki › The_ExcitersThe Exciters - Wikipedia

    The Exciters were an American pop music group of the 1960s. They were originally a girl group, with one male member being added afterwards. At the height of their popularity the group consisted of lead singer Brenda Reid, Herb Rooney, Carolyn Johnson and Lillian Walker.

    • 1961–1974 (as group)
  4. 2. März 2024 · Brenda Reid, the beloved spouse of Harold Reid passed away on Thursday, February 29th. An excerpt from Brenda’s obituary states: “She will be remembered for her wonderful sweet tea, round steak and gravy, homemade pies, German chocolate cake, and the hottest hamburger chili you have ever tasted!

  5. › p › bioThe Exciters: BIO

    The Exciters were a female vocal group formed in Queens, New York, in 1962. Brenda Reid was one of the original members, along with Herbert Rooney, Carol Johnson and Lillian Walker. They had a hit with "Tell Him" and other songs.

  6. Alle boeken van Brenda Reid in één overzicht met boekomslag, flaptekst en publicatie historie. Inclusief informatie over de series en de volgorde van de boeken.

  7. Brenda Louise Reid. Profile: American Pop Soul singer. Lead singer of the group The Exciters, best known for her lead vocals in the (U.S. #4) single "Tell Him". Married to fellow band member Herb Rooney, mother of producer and songwriter Cory Rooney . Born: July 20, 1945 in Jamaica, Queens, NYC.