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    Calm at Sea (French: La mer à l'aube) is a 2011 German / French drama film directed by Volker Schlöndorff. [1] [2] The film depicts the events leading to the 1941 execution of a group of French communists, including the 17-year-old Guy Môquet , as retaliation for the assassination of a German officer by the French resistance.

  2. 4. Apr. 2012 · Calm at Sea: Directed by Volker Schlöndorff. With Léo-Paul Salmain, Marc Barbé, Ulrich Matthes, Jean-Marc Roulot. A teenager joins the resistance in Nazi-occupied France during World War II.

  3. 20. Feb. 2014 · 6.4K views 9 years ago. Set in Nazi-occupied France in 1941, and based on a true story, Calm at Sea follows a young Frenchman who is sentenced to death, along with 26 of his countrymen, in ...

  4. Calm at Sea, a narrative based on Môquet’s final days, is one of the outstanding historical dramas that Corinth is especially proud to distribute. In October of 1941, two German officers are gunned down in broad daylight in Nantes by French Resistance members, the first instance of German blood to be shed in this region.

  5. 14. Feb. 2012 · Based on real-life events, the film is scripted by Schlöndorff from the writings of journalist Pierre-Louis Basse, German officer and famed author Ernst Jünger and novelist Heinrich Böll, one ...

  6. 2011 ‘La mer à l'aube’ Directed by Volker Schlöndorff October 1941. Eighteen months into France’s occupation by German troops, young Communist members of the Resistance shoot dead an officer of the German Army. In retaliation, Hitler demands the deaths of 150 Frenchmen, as ‘retribution’.

  7. 22. Feb. 2012 · Volker Schlöndorff directs a wartime drama set in occupied France. A World War II atrocity is dramatized in old-fashioned but ultimately affecting style in Calm At Sea (La mer à l’aube or Das...