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  1. Calucci's Department: Schöpfer: Joseph Bologna, Renée Taylor Mit James Coco, Candice Azzara, Peggy Pope, José Pérez Joe Calucci is a kind-hearted office supervisor working for the New York State Unemployment Department. Weekly, he must deal with his frustrations with his girlfriend, employees, bureaucracy brass and the unemployed coming to ...

  2. Calucci's Department is an American television sitcom broadcast by CBS. It premiered on September 14, 1973, and after failing to compete in the ratings against NBC 's Sanford and Son , was canceled after the December 28 episode.

    Episode #
    Episode Title
    Original Airdate
    Episode Summary
    "The $80 Heist"
    September 14, 1973
    After the $80 he has collected from staff ...
    "Calucci, His Brother's Keeper"
    September 21, 1973
    Gonzalez asks Calucci for $400 after ...
    "Calucci, the Matchmaker"
    September 28, 1973
    When Calucci's date with Shirley also ...
    "Calucci Goes on a Diet"
    October 5, 1973
    Calucci's trip to the doctor for stomach ...
    • Sitcom
  3. Calucci finds out his department must downsize and it's up to him to decide who is fired. He wrestles with the decision leading to severe anxiety.

  4. Serie (Komödie): "Calucci's Department", aus dem Jahr 1973. Informationen, Episoden und Staffeln, Schauspieler:innen und mehr.

    • Overview
    • Plot
    • Cast

    Calucci's Department was a Syndication network sitcom created by Joseph Bologna & Renée Taylor.

    The show aired from September 14, 1973 to December 28, 1973, airing for 11 episodes; it was replaced by a half-hour western series, "Dirty Sally" on January 11, 1974.

    The series centered on Joe Calucci, the supervisor of a New York City unemployment office where his day was spent dealing with a disparate group of claimants, the petty squabbles among the members of his staff (represented by a cross-section of ethnic backgrounds), the frustrations of governmental red tape, and his infatuation with his secretary, S...

    •James Coco as Joe Calucci

    •Candy Azzara as Shirley Balukis

    •Rosetta LeNoire as Mitzi Gordon

    •Peggy Pope as Elanie Fusco

  5. S1E2 - 21/09/73 - Calucci, His Brother's Keeper S1E3 - 28/09/73 - Calucci, the Matchmaker S1E4 - 05/10/73 - Calucci Goes on a Diet

  6. Although on television for a mere three months, the CBS series Calucci’s Department – which starred roly-poly comic James Coco as Joe Calucci, the kind-hearted supervisor at the New York State Unemployment Office – is, for some reason, one of many American viewers’ most fondly remembered shows.