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  1. 1. Juni 2024 · In the early hours of Tuesday 7 June 2022 Duke Carl von Württemberg died aged 85 in a hospital in Ravensburg, Germany. He had already health problems for a few years, that slowly got worse. But his death after a hospital stay of a few days still came as a surprise.

  2. 4. Juni 2024 · Prince William was a military commander, as second in command to his Commander in Chief father, with Generalfeldmarschall Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and Generalfeldmarschall Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg, at German military headquarters throughout WWI, until the allied armistice of 11 November 1918.

  3. Vor 2 Tagen · Charles Edward (Leopold Charles Edward George Albert; [note 1] 19 July 1884 – 6 March 1954) was at various points in his life a British prince, a German duke and a Nazi politician. He was the last ruling duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a state of the German Empire, from 30 July 1900 to 14 November 1918.

  4. 5. Juni 2024 · Das Königreich Württemberg war ein von 1806 bis 1918 bestehendes Königtum im Südwesten Deutschlands. Es entstand am 1. Januar 1806 als souveränes Staatswesen auf Betreiben des französischen Kaisers Napoleon I. und ging aus dem erst 1803 zum Kurfürstentum erhobenen Herzogtum Württemberg hervor.

  5. 1. Juni 2024 · At 10:30 Duchess Fleur von Württemberg on the arm of her father, Duke Carl, came walking down the carpet from a part of the castle to the entrance of the church. She looked beautiful in a white organza dress set with Brussels lace and designed by Parisian designer Cathérine Puget.

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  6. 6. Juni 2024 · Carl von Württemberg. Herzog von Württemberg. Geboren am 1. August 1936 - Friedrichshafen (DE) Gestorben am 7. Juni 2022 - Ravensburg (DE) 85 Jahre alt. 6 Kinder. 3 Enkelkinder. Ehen und Kinder. Verheiratet am 18. Juli 1960, Altshausen (DE), mit Diane von Orléans, Herzogin von Württemberg, geboren am 24. März 1940, 84 Jahre alt. mit.

  7. Vor 4 Tagen · Affected by economic problems and internal feuds, the Hohenzollern counts from the 14th century onwards came under pressure by their neighbors, the Counts of Württemberg and the cities of the Swabian League, whose troops besieged and finally destroyed Hohenzollern Castle in 1423.