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  1. 30. Jan. 2019 · Caroline Bonaparte was born on 25 March 1782 as the daughter of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino and as such was Emperor Napoleon I’s younger sister. She hardly knew her father as he would die two years after her birth of cancer of the stomach. She grew up rather poor and did not receive new clothes until her brother sent the family ...

  2. Caroline Maria Annonciade Bonaparte (Ajaccio, 25. ožujka 1782. – Firenca, 18. svibnja 1839.), napuljska kraljica. Bila je sedmo dijete i treća kćer Leticije Ramolino i Carla Maria Bonapartea, a ujedno je i najmlađa sestra Napoleona ...

  3. 9. Juli 2024 · Caroline Bonaparte. Maria Annunziata Carolina (Marie Annonciade Caroline) Murat (née Bonaparte) (25 March 1782 – 18 May 1839), better known as Caroline Bonaparte, was the seventh surviving child and third surviving daughter of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino, and a younger sister of Napoleon I of France. Her complete title was ...

  4. Caroline Bonaparte was described as intensely jealous of her sister-in-law Josephine and her children, reportedly because she felt Napoleon favored them over his Bonaparte relatives. 11. In 1810, when Napoleon married his second Empress Consort Marie Louise of Austria, Caroline Bonaparte was responsible for escorting her to France.

  5. Carolina Bonaparte. Carolina Bonaparte. Maria Annunziata Carolina Murat ( Bahasa Prancis: Marie Annonciade Caroline Murat; née Bonaparte; 25 Maret 1782 – 18 Mei 1839 ), lebih dikenal sebagai Caroline Bonaparte, merupakan anak ketujuh dari pasangan Carlo Buonaparte dan Letizia Bonaparte, ia adalah adinda Napoleon Bonaparte.

  6. 5. März 2021 · Caroline Bonaparte Murat took the name of the Countess of Lipona (an anagram of Napoli, or Naples). Her former lover, the Austrian Chancellor Metternich, tried unsuccessfully to obtain permission for her to settle in Rome near her mother and siblings. Instead, she was allowed to live in the castle of Frohsdorf, south of Vienna (Marie Antoinette’s daughter,

  7. Caroline Bonaparte, née Maria-Annunziata di Buonaparte le 25 mars 1782 à Ajaccio et morte le 18 mai 1839 à Florence, fut grande-duchesse consort de Berg puis reine consort de Naples par son mariage avec Joachim Murat.