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  1. 5. Juni 2021 · Save. 34K views 2 years ago. Scotland has a turbulent past, filled with bloody feuds, heroic deeds and dark treachery. Scottish castles bore witness to much of this violent history, and it is...

    • 52 Min.
    • 34,6K
    • Vintage Television
  2. A 52-minute documentary that explores the history and legends of the ancient and haunted castles of Scotland, such as Duntrune Castle and Kilmartin Castle. The film features interviews with historians, experts and local people who share their stories and experiences of the paranormal phenomena that occur in these locations.

    • (60)
    • Drama
    • Alexandra Beazley
    • 52
  3. 8. März 2017 · The Green Lady is Stirling’s most famous ghost, thought to be a maidservant to Mary Queen of Scots, who was crowned here. The Queen almost died when, asleep in her bed, her bedroom curtains caught fire from a candle. Luckily, She was saved by the maidservant, who unluckily, died in the fire.

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  4. 8. 9. Share. No views 1 minute ago. As is generally known, ghosts mostly dwell in the ancient gloomy locks built five-six centuries back. In similar places during centuries there are quite a bit ...

    • 52 Min.
    • 3
    • cerebrate illumination
  5. 9. Mai 2021 · Scottish Paranormal. Scotland's Most HAUNTED Castle with many reported ghosts & spirits from through the centuries. In this video, you can hear voices, see physical activity at a camcorder...

    • 14 Min.
    • 2,5K
    • Scottish Paranormal
  6. From the ghostly piper of Duntrune Castle to the weeping Grey Lady of Edinburgh Castle, these spectral inhabitants reveal a fascinating, albeit chilling, dimension of Scotland’s history. Each castle harbors its own eerie secrets, waiting to be discovered. So, brace yourself as we journey through the chilling tales of the most haunted castles ...