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  1. Catherine was the first woman to rule Imperial Russia, opening the legal path for a century almost entirely dominated by women, including her daughter Elizabeth and granddaughter-in-law Catherine the Great, all of whom continued Peter the Great's policies in modernizing Russia.

  2. 3. Juni 2024 · Prinz William und Catherine, Princess of Wales, trauern um die britische Rugby-Legende Rob Burrow. Der einstige Spieler ist im Alter von nur 41 Jahren gestorben. In den sozialen Medien drücken ...

  3. 13. Mai 2024 · Catherine I (born April 15 [April 5, Old Style], 1684—died May 17 [May 6], 1727, St. Petersburg, Russia) was a peasant woman of Baltic (probably Lithuanian) birth who became the second wife of Peter I the Great and empress of Russia (1725–27).

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  4. The wedding of Peter the Great and Catherine I on 19 February 1712. by Alexey Zubov. Inasmuch as Russia had been declared an empire in 1721, the first Russian Empress was Catherine I, the widow of Peter the Great.

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  5. Catherine II (born Princess Sophie Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbst; 2 May 1729 – 17 November 1796), most commonly known as Catherine the Great, was the reigning empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796. She came to power after overthrowing her husband, Peter III.

  6. 5. Mai 2024 · Catherine the Great, empress of Russia (176296) who led her country into full participation in the political and cultural life of Europe. With her ministers she reorganized the administration and law of the Russian Empire and extended Russian territory, adding Crimea and much of Poland.

  7. Overview. Enrico Melotti, a middle-aged businessman, has a difficult relationship with his wife, maid and secretary/lover. During a business trip to America, his friend Arturo shows him the key to solving all of his problems: Caterina, a female-looking robotic maid that does all domestic chores better than any human. Alberto Sordi.