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  1. Charles Nicolas Oudinot (* 25. April 1767 in Bar-le-Duc; † 13. September 1847 in Paris) war ein französischer Offizier in der Zeit der Revolutionskriege, der durch Napoleon zum Duc de Reggio (Herzog von Reggio) erhoben und zum Maréchal d’Empire ernannt wurde.

  2. Nicolas Charles Oudinot, comte d'Oudinot, duc de Reggio (25 April 1767 in Bar-le-Duc – 13 September 1847 in Paris ), was a Marshal of the Empire. He is known to have been wounded 34 times in battle, being hit by artillery shells, sabres, and at least twelve bullets over the course of his military career.

  3. Lieutenant-General Charles Nicolas Victor Oudinot, 2nd Duc de Reggio (3 November 1791 in Bar-le-Duc – 7 June 1863 in Bar-le-Duc), the eldest son of Napoleon I 's marshal Nicolas Oudinot and Charlotte Derlin, also made a military career.

  4. Nicolas Charles Victor Oudinot (* 3. November 1791 zu Bar-le-Duc; † 7. Juli 1863 ebenda) war Herzog von Reggio und französischer General . Leben. Nicolas Charles Victor Oudinot wurde als ältester Sohn des späteren Marschalls Charles Nicolas Oudinot geboren.

    • 3. November 1791
    • Oudinot, Nicolas Charles Victor
    • Bar le Duc
  5. 1. Apr. 2024 · Nicolas-Charles Oudinot, duc de Reggio (born April 25, 1767, Bar-le-Duc, France—died September 13, 1847, Paris) was a general, administrator, and marshal of France in the Napoleonic Wars. His career illustrates the opportunities to rise in the French army after the Revolution.

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  6. Beginnings. One of the most wounded soldiers of the time, Nicolas-Charles Oudinot was the son of a brewer who would rise to become one of Napoleon's marshals. In 1784 at age seventeen he ran away from home and enlisted in the infantry, but three years later his father bought out his enlistment and he returned home.

  7. Charles Nicolas Oudinot, Herzog von Reggio, (* 25. April 1767 in Bar-le-Duc; † 13. September 1847 in Paris) war ein französischer Heerführer und Marschall des Empire.