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  1. Charles Stanford, 1921. Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (* 30. September 1852 in Dublin; † 29. März 1924 in London) war ein irischer Komponist .

  2. Charles Villiers Stanford. Stanford in 1921. Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (30 September 1852 – 29 March 1924) was an Anglo-Irish composer, music teacher, and conductor of the late Romantic era. Born to a well-off and highly musical family in Dublin, Stanford was educated at the University of Cambridge before studying music in ...

  3. Charles Villiers Stanford (1852- 1924) was one of the leading musicians of his generation and had a profound effect on the development and history of English music as a performer, conductor, composer, teacher and writer.

  4. Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, (born Sept. 30, 1852, Dublin—died March 29, 1924, London), Anglo-Irish composer, conductor, and teacher who greatly influenced the next generation of British composers; Ralph Vaughan Williams, Sir Arthur Bliss, and Gustav Holst were among his pupils.

  5. List of compositions by Charles Villiers Stanford. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a list of compositions by. The Veiled Prophet (1877, perf. 1881) (1883, perf. 1884) The Canterbury Pilgrims (1883, perf. 1884) The Miner of Falun (1888 act 1 only; abandoned, unpub.) , Op. 55 (1894, unperformed, unpub.)

  6. The Canterbury Pilgrims (Stanford, Charles Villiers) Carmen Saeculare, Op.26 (Stanford, Charles Villiers) Cello Sonata No.1, Op.9 (Stanford, Charles Villiers) Cello Sonata No.2, Op.39 (Stanford, Charles Villiers) Chorale Prelude on 'Why Does Azure Deck the Sky?' (Stanford, Charles Villiers) Clarinet Sonata, Op.129 (Stanford, Charles Villiers)

  7. 11. Nov. 2023 · Charles Villiers Stanford wurde als Sohn eines wohlhabenden irischen Anwalts in Dublin geboren. Seine Familie war ausgesprochen musikalisch: Der Vater betätigte sich als Sänger, die Mutter als Pianistin. In diesem Umfeld wurde Stanfords außergewöhnliches Talent schnell erkannt und gefördert. Als Kind lernte er Klavier und Orgel ...