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  1. Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte (* 31. Oktober 1802 in Paris; † 3. März 1839 in Sarzana) war eine französische kaiserliche Prinzessin. Sie wurde als Tochter von Joseph Bonaparte (1768–1844), dem ältesten Bruder Napoleons, und Julie Clary (1771–1845) geboren. Deren Schwester war Désirée Clary, Napoleons erste Verlobte.

  2. Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte (31 October 1802 – 2 March 1839) was the daughter of Joseph Bonaparte, the older brother of Emperor Napoleon I, and Julie Clary. She was active as an artist. Life. After the fall of her uncle Emperor Napoleon in 1815, her father moved to America and lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  3. Charlotte Bonaparte – the daughter of Napoleons brother Joseph – was intelligent and cultivated, with a romantic temperament. Known for her talent as an artist, Charlotte lived with her father in the United States for three years, where she drew and painted a number of landscapes.

  4. She was the younger daughter of Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain and Naples and Julie Clary, born into an extremely wealthy merchant family from Marseilles. Charlotte-Napoléone was named for her paternal grandfather, Charles Bonaparte and world-famous uncle, Napoleon I. The young Princess spent the majority of her happy childhood living in ...

  5. Charlotte-Napoléone Bonaparte, née le 31 octobre 1802 à Paris et morte le 3 mars 1839 à Sarzana ( Italie ), est une princesse de l' Empire français, fille du prince Joseph Bonaparte . Biographie. Charlotte-Napoléone Bonaparte est la fille cadette de Joseph Bonaparte et de Julie Clary. Elle eut une sœur, Zénaïde, d'un an son aînée.

  6. 29. Juni 2018 · Charlotte Napoléone Bonaparte was born on 31 October 1802 in Mortefontaine in France as the daughter of Joseph Bonaparte and Julie Clary. Her father was the elder brother of Emperor Napoleon I. Her eldest sister Julie died in infancy, but another sister named Zénaïde survived to adulthood.

  7. The Sisters, Zénaïde and Charlotte Bonaparte by Jacques-Louis David © Museo Napoleonico. In this tour de force double portrait, two sisters sit on a sofa reading a letter. They are Zénaïde and Charlotte Bonaparte, Napoleons nieces, and the letter is from their father, Joseph Bonaparte.