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    Mit Powhatan, Powatan oder Powhatan-Konföderation wird ein im 17. Jahrhundert mächtiges Häuptlingstum aus mehr als 30 Indianerstämmen der Küstenregion um Tidewater östlich der Fall Line und nördlich der Great Dismal Swamps im Osten des heutigen US-Bundesstaats Virginia bezeichnet.

  2. Powhatan, North American Indian leader, father of Pocahontas. He presided over the Powhatan empire at the time the English established the Jamestown Colony (1607). Powhatan had inherited rulership of an empire of six tribes from his father. After succeeding his father, Powhatan brought about two.

  3. Powhatan, alternately called "King" or "Chief" Powhatan by English settlers, led the main political and military power facing the early colonists, and was probably the older brother of Opechancanough, who led attacks against the settlers in 1622 and 1644. He was the father of Matoaka ( Pocahontas ).

  4. › wiki › PowhatanPowhatan - Wikipedia

    Naming and terminology. The name "Powhatan" (also transcribed by Strachey as Paqwachowng) is the name of the Native American village or town of Wahunsenacawh. The title "Chief" or "King" Powhatan, used by English colonists, is believed to have been derived from the name of this site.

  5. 25. Feb. 2021 · Wahunsenacah, also known as Chief Powhatan (l. c. 1547 - c. 1618) was the head of the Powhatan Confederacy of Native Americans who inhabited the region of the modern-day State of Virginia, USA, which they knew by the name of Tsenacommacah (densely populated land). He is also known by his title Mamanatowick (Great Chief) as well as by ...

  6. 2. Apr. 2014 · Updated: Mar 30, 2021 (-1618) Who Was Powhatan? Born sometime in the 1540s or 1550s, Chief Powhatan became the leader of more than 30 tribes and controlled the area where English colonists...

  7. Wahunsenacawh, commonly known as Chief Powhatan of the Powhatan people, was the supreme ruler of most of the indigenous tribes in the Chesapeake Bay region in 1607. At its height, his realm known as “Tsenacommacah” extended across 10,000 square miles from the banks of the James River north to the Potomac River and from the Atlantic Ocean ...