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  1. Childe Harold Wills (June 1, 1878 – December 30, 1940) [1] was an American engineer and businessman. He was an early associate of Henry Ford, one of the first employees of the Ford Motor Company, and the chief contributor to the design of the Model T. After leaving Ford, he began his own automobile company.

    • December 30, 1940 (aged 62), Detroit, US
    • Childe Harold Wills, June 1, 1878, Fort Wayne, Indiana, US
    • Businessman, engineer
  2. Wills Sainte Claire was an American automobile brand manufactured by C. H. Wills and Company, in Marysville, Michigan, from 1921 to 1927. Childe Harold Wills, the company founder, was a perfectionist and his automobile company focused on very high quality cars.

  3. 6. Okt. 2020 · Childe Harold Wills never used his first name, yet known as C. H. Wills, he was one of Henry Ford's first employees. He was also the man responsible for the industrialization of the Model T's ...

  4. Beschreibung. Childe Harold Wills war Konstrukteur und Metallurge. Er hatte bis 1919 die Position des Chefingenieurs bei Ford inne und machte sich dann selbständig. Er entwarf den V8-Motor und orientierte sich dabei an einem Flugmotor von Hispano-Suiza. Einige Teile des Motors bestehen aus Molybdän. [1] Der Motor ist wassergekühlt.

    • 1921–1925
    • Ottomotoren:, 4,35 Liter, (67–68 PS)
  5. 23. Sept. 2018 · Boundless energy, vast intellect and a profound farsightedness in matters both mechanical and social ultimately were not enough to ensconce C. Harold Wills in the top echelon of industry titans. Yet his legacy includes manufacturing and design principles that took American cars to a heretofore unkn...

    • Jim Donnelly
  6. 1878-1940. Childe Harold Wills spent the years 1900-1903 working for the Boyer Machine Company and nights as a draftsman for Henry Ford’s new organization. When the Ford Motor Company was formed, Wills was made production manager and chief engineer. He gained fame from his development of the use of vanadium steel for commercial purposes, and ...

  7. C. Harold Wills had a way with metal and a love for cars. Trained as a machinist, Wills worked during the day at the Boyer Machine Company and in 1899 began moonlighting for Henry Ford — for free. Like Ford, Wills learned by doing. But unlike Ford, who worked instinctively, Wills worked effectively with blueprints and was a brilliant draftsman.