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  1. Chris Claremont (* 30. November 1950 in London, England) ist ein amerikanischer Autor von Superheldencomics. Hauptsächlich schreibt Claremont für Marvel Comics, insbesondere für die X-Men gilt er als definierender Autor, der die Hauptserie Uncanny X-Men 16 Jahre lang (von 1976 bis 1991) betreute.

  2. Chris Claremont at a comic convention in New York City around 1990. Claremont initially did not view the comic book industry as the place where he would make his career, as he believed the dwindling readership to be a sign that the industry was dying, and found the material being published to be uninteresting.

  3. Chris Claremont. Award-Winner. Best-seller. Comics. Novels. Movies. Follow Chris @ChrisClearMountain. Official web site of comic book writer and author Chris Claremont for appearances, to contact, access archive, and more. Book Chris. For conventions, speaking engagements, educational workshops, and more.

  4. 30. Apr. 2019 · British-born writer Chris Claremont never originally imagined a life in comics, but he crafted an elegant yet exciting framework for an X-Men universe that still thrives and thrills readers to this day. Prior to his unprecedented 16-year run on UNCANNY X-MEN, Marvel’s merry mutants existed on a lower rung of the company’s ...

  5. Spotlighting the storied legacy of writer Chris Claremont! From “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” to “Days of Future Past,” read Claremont’s legendary contributions to the X-Men, and the Marvel Universe at large, with his most famous series and storylines.

  6. 28. Nov. 2018 · November 28, 2018. 8 minutes. Chris Claremont is a man who needs no introduction when it comes to the world of comics. He was the longest-running writer on Uncanny X-Men and in his time at Marvel has created so many of the characters we love today, as well as making those that had already been previously created into the popular ...

  7. Entdecke alle Filme von Chris Claremont. Von den Anfängen seiner 14 Karriere-Jahre bis zu geplanten Projekten.