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  1. Vor 17 Stunden · Christian-Democratic Rebirth Party ( Shirinyan-Babajanyan Alliance of Democrats) Conservative Party ( Free Homeland Alliance) Constitutional Rights Union I Have Honor Alliance Homeland Party Republican Party of Armenia Mighty Fatherland National Agenda Party Orinats Yerkir People's Party Prosperous Armenia Ramgavar

  2. TIL about the Norwegian Crusade. In the year 1107, King Sigurd led 5000 Norwegian soldiers as they fought their way across Europe to Jerusalem. He was the first Christian King to visit the Holy Land. He visited many of the Holy Sites and then returned to Norway mostly on horseback.

  3. 22. März 2023 · March 22, 2023 by Gene Veith. 0 Comments. At the contrarian website Unherd, I stumbled across a fascinating article that framed American politics in a way I had never thought of before. It’s by ...

  4. 22. März 2023 · In 1960, he published The Stages of Economic Growth: A Non-Communist Manifesto, which argued that the United States could ward off the advance of communism in developing world countries and help them eventually achieve the kind of mass consumption economy prevalent in the U.S. through infusions of technical aid.

  5. 22. März 2023 · Controversy rages between Christians and non-Christians, including Muslims and the followers of the other faiths, and among Christians themselves over the issues of monotheism and the Trinity. The Holy Trinity never existed in Jesus’ li ...

  6. 22. März 2023 · It's Lincoln's turn to present his birth story to the class but his scrapbook is entirely empty. What are Lincoln's parents hiding and why will no one tell him the truth? Is he ev

  7. 22. März 2023 · Listen to Christian Radio; Devotionals. Corrie ten Boom Famous Quotes; Lessons on Living ~ by Woodrow Kroll; Joy and Strength ~ by Mary Wilder Tileston; Streams in the Desert ~ by Mrs. Charles Cowman; Streams in the Desert ~ by Mrs. Charles Cowman; Prayer, Praise and Promises ~ by Warren Wiersbe; Strength for the Journey ~ by Theodore Epp