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  1. The Corvinus University of Budapest will host the prestigious event, which will be attended by around 300 participants, mostly from across the world, and will feature nearly as many presentations. The plenary lectures are free of charge for Corvinus citizens.

  2. Die Corvinus-Universität Budapest ist eine staatliche Universität in Budapest. Lehr- und Forschungsschwerpunkte liegen in den Bereichen Wirtschaftswissenschaften und angrenzenden Studienfächern. Die Corvinus-Universität Budapest gilt als eine der führenden Universitäten Ungarns und Ostmitteleuropas.

  3. Sikeres EFMD re-akkreditáció a Corvinuson. Újabb 5 évre szerezte meg a rangos nemzetközi akkreditációt a Corvinus angol nyelvű Gazdálkodási és menedzsment képzése. Tanulj külföldön – Nemzetközi Mobilitási Program pótpályázat. Indul a Nemzetközi lehetőségek pótpályázata!

  4. Corvinus University is Hungary’s most eminent educational institution in the fields of Economic, Management and Social Sciences. University-level education, just as in the most advanced countries of the world, started in Budapest in the1920s at the autonomous Economics Faculty of the Hungarian Royal University of Science.

  5. Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungarian: Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem) is a private research university in Budapest, Hungary. The university currently has an enrolment of approximately 9,600 students, with a primary focus on business administration, economics, and social sciences, operating in Budapest and Székesfehérvár since ...

  6. The Corvinus University of Budapest hosts the largest number of incoming Erasmus students in Hungary and is in the top three Hungarian universities for sending outgoing students abroad.

  7. Study at Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary: 21 Bachelors, Masters, PhDs. Your gateway to universities in Europe.