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    A comprehensive overview of the Crimean War, a major conflict between Russia and an alliance of France, Britain and Ottoman Empire from 1853 to 1856. Learn about the causes, events, consequences and legacy of the war that involved the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the expansion of the Russian Empire, the rights of Christian minorities and the balance of power in Europe.

    • 16 October 1853 – 30 March 1856, (2 years, 5 months and 2 weeks)
    • Allied victory
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    The Ottoman Empire was declining by the mid-1800s. The war started after the Ottoman Empire decided that France, not Russia, had the right to protect Christians in the Holy Land near the area of modern-day Israel. Russia sent an army to take part of Ottoman Romania and so the British and the French allies sent an army and a navy to help the Ottoman...

    The Allies won the war in Crimea but gave it back to Russia in return for Russia giving back other places and promising not to have a navy on the Black Sea. The Crimean War was a very important point in the history of warfare since new weapons were used. It was also the first war to be reported by the press via photography and journalists. Another ...

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  2. Der Krimkrieg (auch Orientkrieg; russisch Восточная война, Крымская война Wostotschnaja woina, Krymskaja woina) war ein von 1853 bis 1856 dauernder militärischer Konflikt zwischen dem Russischen Reich einerseits und dem Osmanischen Reich sowie dessen Verbündeten Frankreich, Großbritannien und seit 1855 auch Sardinien-Piemont andererseits.

    • Sieg der Alliierten
  3. Crimea was part of the Crimean Khanate from 1441 until it was annexed by the Russian Empire in 1783. After the end of the empire in the first stages of the Russian Civil War there were a series of short-lived independent governments ( Crimean People's Republic, Crimean Regional Government, Crimean SSR ).

    • 20 February – 26 March 2014, (1 month and 6 days)
  4. The Charge of the Light Brigade was a military action undertaken by British light cavalry against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War, resulting in many casualties to the cavalry.