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  1. Vor einem Tag · For synthesizer/drum machine enthusiasts. What is your opinion on a synth loanership model. If you could get any synth in production regardless of price for \\\0 a month or less, would you consider it?

  2. Vor einem Tag · Hi everyone, Comes in at 00:43, it's this really wobbly, detuned synth sound that seems to be moving around the place all the time. I tried using multiple oscilators, detuning them, using filter envelopes + LFOs but it doesn't sound nearly as complex as t

  3. Vor einem Tag · Key Features: Real-Time Audio Analysis: Automatically detects fundamental and inharmonic frequencies. Advanced Filtering: Applies up to 50 filters to eliminate unwanted frequencies. Adjustable Effect Amount: Control the intensity of frequency reduction from -9dB to -18dB cuts. Smart Learn Mode: Choose between Auto and On Stop learning options.

  4. Vor einem Tag · I've been getting some clocky sounding clicks and pops lately. My system is a pair of RME Digiface USB's running into REAPER Worrying if its a clocking thing, I set one interface to internal and confirmed I still heard the issue on its own headphone outs.

  5. Vor einem Tag · Hello, Long time lurker here. I have got a Martin D-10E (sitka top, sapele back and sides) which I very much like. However, I have always found its highs to be a little thin / harsh and that it had a bit too much overtones.

  6. Vor einem Tag · 15 great new sound libraries: Single bell tolls, tufting guns, vinyl records, fallow deer, a '75 Mercedes Benz and '21 Corvette Stingray, and more! The independent sound community is back with lots of new sound effects libraries: For nature lovers, we got

  7. Vor einem Tag · Hi guys, I have to replace my old Macbook Pro and I've been thinking about buying a Macbook air M3 with 16gb of RAM and 512 SSD. Do you think it would be enough for music production and mixing?